How much is the software?

$29.95 / £19.10  including VAT. Non Dollar price amounts may vary slightly due to exchange rate fluctuations.

How do I pay for my software?

You can pay by using a credit or debit card or with your PayPal account.

Is the site secure?

Yes it is powered by Plimus one of the most respected  e-commerce providers, who ensure the highest levels of security for your transaction.

Is Party Planner compatible with My Computer?

You must have a computer running Windows XP SP2 and above, Windows Vista or Windows 7.

How do I get Product Support? 

Go to the Forums Page and post a message in the General Party Planner Questions forum (registration is required)
OR Post a message on the Contact Us page
OR Email

When can I use my software?


You can use the fully featured trial version of the software as soon as it is installed. After 30 days you will be required to purchase the product and enter a product registration key code and your registration name.

For online purchases, registration keys are emailed by our system as soon as the purchase is made.  Please be patient as registration emails may not be received immediately and can take several hours to arrive. Also check your spam folder.


How many parties can I manage at any one time?

You can have as many main parties as you like but just two secondary parties attached to the main party.  So you can have a single invitation and a lunch plus a stag or hen do.

How Do I deal with inviting guests after the functions main meal?

We recommend a separate party for the situation of inviting guests to the function after the main meal. This ensures that the invitation and attending counts are accurate for the main function, as costings are mainly based on the costings for the full meal.  

How do I select a different party?

You go to the bottom left hand corner of the Main Menu or use the ribbon bar. You can also set  “Select a Party “  to display each time you start Party Planner.

Do I need to have an invitation printed for myself?

No – but you do need to be included in the numbers as it keeps a track for the caterer and budgeting.  Party Planner allows you to “opt out” of receiving an invitation. This ensures that unnecessary invitations are not printed.  Party invite counts and attendance counts are maintained allowing accurate tracking of costs.

How do I search for a name on the planner?

You either use the binoculars which are situated on the top left hand side of each menu section or press Control F.

What happens if I get stuck and don’t know what to do next?

You can either look at the Party Planner Wizard or Tutorials at the top of the ribbon bar.  Or they are situated at the bottom of the Main Menu.  There are also quick start guides with clear instructions.

Can I import and export Data?

Yes you can import data from excel and export it to give to a commercial printer for customising invitations and name cards.  Or you can use mail merge to create your own invitations.

Can I re-use Data?

Yes you can for a new party, - add some or all of your invites to a new party – re-using data you previously entered into Party Planner.

Can I back up my data?

Party Planner provides an automated reminder which prompts you to take regular backups of your Party Planner data.  Additionally you can take a backup at any time.  From the Main Menu click the Misc button, and then click the Backup Your Data button.

How easy is it to track how many invitations have been created?

It is very easy – The Main Menu displays summary statistics of numbers of invites and numbers of replies received, which allows for accurate costing of parties.

How do I track suppliers such as caterers, car hire or flowers?

The total amount paid is displayed on the Main Menu.

The groom’s parents are paying for some of the wedding, can this also be tracked?

Yes you just need to set up a payment owner: - From the Main Menu click Costs and Suppliers and then click Maintain Payment Owners.

How easy is it to move guests between tables on your table plan?

The most difficult task is made much easier.  This can be done from the Invitation window or the Seating Details window which allows you to select individual tables and adjust seating quickly and easily.

Will this European  Software Work for the US?.

 All Party Planner Reports and print outs will work correctly on US Letter sized paper.

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