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By alexg on Monday, April 11, 2011 8:06 PM

Party Planner was designed to solve the problem of keeping tabs on invitation and table plan data. Our application is designed to control all this information, providing statistics, ensuring that everyone is accounted for. The problem of having say 151 people attending your party but only 149 on the table plan disappears as data is only entered once, and there is only one list. The numbers will always add up correctly.

The ethos of this product is to save time, provide accurate information with carefully designed and visually appealing reports. We have made extra effort to make the product easy to use. No one reads a manual, so we haven’t produced one. We have produced help on each window where it is needed. We have also produced Quick Start Guides which provide key information in an accessible style that people can easily understand on 1 page. Finally we have produced interactive tutorials, much more fun than reading a manual.


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